Expressive Gestures – Paintings by Anna Nero

Paintings by Anna Nero 7

Here we highlight the fantastic art of Anna Nero, a Russian-born artist who grew up in Frankfurt, Germany. We really love her unique ability to mix multiple styles on the canvas but still bring together all of the elements in a cohesive manner.

By referencing a mixture of inputs from her everyday environment, some of which can be banal or even silly, Anna moves between slick geometric bold forms to more playful brush strokes. Some colours are flat in tone, others have gradients that make them pop out from the canvas and offer elements that juxtapose and make her artwork completely unique.

What’s interesting is that even though Anna’s paintings feel expressive, her starting point is nearly always a systematic grid in which these gestures and forms are placed over. This gives her the ability to place these elements in a cohesive manner and it goes a long way to explaining why they are so aesthetically pleasing.

Here are a few photos from the most recent work by Anne Nero. We recommend you view more via her portfolio linked below.

Paintings by Anna Nero 8

Paintings by Anna Nero 2

Paintings by Anna Nero 4

Paintings by Anna Nero 5

Paintings by Anna Nero 6

Paintings by Anna Nero 1