Freedom of Expression – Line Drawings & Paintings by Artist Bejamin Ewing

Sometimes I come across artwork that inspires me but I find myself saving it for a later date. Often it doesn’t fit in with the schedule or the current theme, but on other occasions I just need to sit back and think about the work in more detail. Art can catch your eye aesthetically but you’re not always aware of why or how it’s being interpreted by your brain. Multidisciplinary artist Benjamin Ewing is one of those that caught my attention instantly but took me a little while to discuss here on the blog.

I think Benjamin should be commended for the freedom and expression in his work. It’s not easy to span across so many different mediums and create work that causes intrigue. His most popular art has been the line drawings that are abstract but deliberate, sometimes mixing these line drawings with different painting techniques and colours to create an interesting collaboration of themes in his work.

The line forms are probably a little controversial considering the simplicity in them. But it’s for this reason that I was drawn to them. I thought it was interesting how only a line can have an aesthetic and a particular style, which is exactly what Benjamin has done here. He is currently based in Portland, Oregon and continues to work with many different clients on a number of projects, so I reccomend you stop by his website and have a scan through his portfolio. There’s not too much on show at the moment but I will be continuing to follow his work in to the future.