Further Imagery from Garmonique

Today we bring you further imagery from the talent that is (Stanislav Markov) Garmonique because frankly I think all of us need some darkened, haunting photography in our lives. Life isn’t all sunflowers and roses so why should every photographer out there be portraying bright and bold, this is why I love Stanislav’s perception of life in his images they speak the truth to the viewer.

Yes his works are toned down and often fixated around darker colours but his subject choice keep an engaging hold on peering eyes. Stanislav is always able to find beauty in the everyday which is refreshing to see, the idea of photography to many is a fabricated scene or shoot which is trying to be as natural as possible. This isn’t trying, it is natural Stanislav consistently brings the genuine article to the table, and I think workings like this deserve a lot more credit than they actually get.


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