Hard Edge Painting – Geometric Abstraction by Gary Andrew Clark


Usually clean-cut geometric shapes don’t really appeal to me. There needs to be an edge of some sort, whether that be a texture or subtleties in the colour. Saying that, this work by Andrew Clark struck a chord with me even though many of the compositions could be mistaken as digital artworks.

Gary Andrew Clark is a British artist who lives and works in Manchester. His work are very clean and tidy, but are actually made with acrylic paints on wood panelling. Interestingly, I like this idea of being tricked by the material. It’s easy to get trapped by what something should or should not be, so being manipulated by the type of material is quite intriguing.

I only picked out a small selection from his newest series this year, so I recommend scanning his portfolio for more abstract artworks like this. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.







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