Hidden Compositions – Paintings by Swiss Artist and Illustrator Yvonne Robert

Abstract art seems like a sliding scale of severity that can find itself in the ball park of being indecipherable or having elements of actuality. These works by Swiss artist, illustrator and graphic designer Yvonne Roberts captured my attention and made me think about not only the way in which an artist views their work on a canvas but also how we perceive it as the viewer.

I think my choices here for the blog are often inspired graphically by sharp, clean edges so it didn’t surprise me too much when I read that Yvonne founded the agency Büro4 with three other partners and is where she currently works as a graphic designer and illustrator. It hit me that her paintings seen here are a little like her graphic work but her style has ‘gone rogue’ in a way. The titles hint to this, naming them ‘trees’ or ‘architecture’ to insinuate the theme that resides in the painting.

Yvonne’s main focus is pure experimentation with colour and shape. She wants to make exciting compositions that abstract physical representations of an object or setting. It’s a common theme amongst abstract artists but is something I think Yvonne Robert has done especially well here, making works that are visually appealing but basic in theme. I placed up a few of my favourite from her portfolio, more can be found on the link below. Enjoy.