Hong Kong By Sirma Doruk

Today Sirma Doruk brings us a little international culture with this creative short video she captured on her travels in this great abstract form. I liked the diversity of this piece as we get a slice of daily life in Hong Kong with a real edgy and stark twist. This talented young creative is a little bit of a globe wander of late producing various short film in Turkey also.

Sirma is able to capture intricate moments of a city which are really telling and captivating, I loved the mixed up approach to the edit she has taken, especially the shot where the laundrette and the grocery store switch places that was really quite something.

it’s the little things that really draw me to short creative film like the one Sirma has produced here, and although this technique was really quick and quite simple it stuck in my mind. She creates a quirky and inspiring atmosphere and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future, If you wish to see more from her she has a blog page which is linked just bellow.