Ice Fishing by Maureen R. Drennan

An intriguing series of photography by New York City college professor Maureen Drennan, who has a Masters in Photography, studied at The New York School of Visual Arts.

Her work has been featured in various competitions and has been put up for a series of awards. Maureen says “For a few years I have been curious about outsider-type people who are passionately drawn to remote and beautiful landscapes. People who have a complicated relationship to the environment (ice fishing, for example).”

And this is what can be seen here, a set of photography titled ‘Ice Fishing’. She picks out resourceful, independent, passionate, and solitary individuals, growing close to each subject and trying to capture that exact essence on camera.

She goes onto say “American Literature, in particular the writers Flannery O’Connor and Annie Proulx, have had a significant influence on my work. They often write about flawed characters who are constantly struggling through life and who are profoundly affected by the environment. In describing landscape both writers evoke an ominously psychological and emotional sense of place.”

Check out more from this series below, head over to her portfolio for more photography.