Identity Imagery From Blanq

Taipei, Taiwan creative collective Blanq are known for there creation of projects in many mediums with work from their creatives crafted through the use of design, style, photography, video and artistic creation. With all these skill sets available Blanq is able to attract clients of a larger precedence having worked with companies such as L’oreal and Fed International recently. Today they bring us a set of imagery that is inspired by chronicle progression of a woman, a woman who morphs from innocence to struggle. She is said to have transformed from a state of purity, when there is no good or bad. She lives in a world where seduction, greed, debauchery are amongst all other evils that dominate the world. Blanq present us with what they have done so well in the past, a set of stunning concept driven photography that is so clean and pristine. I love the surreal imagination here, the belief in there own risky ideas, its inspiring to see. Head over to the web page for Blanq via the link found bellow.

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