Idol Weight – Abstract Paintings by Artist Genevieve Felix Reynolds


If you’re a long time follower of the blog, you may have noticed my fascination with artists that mix everyday imagery with abstraction. Usually I’m posting up work that sits either side of the fence, but when the two collide it can often result in some really intriguing works, which is exactly what we’re showcasing here today by Sydney-based artist Genevieve Felix Reynolds.

The first thing that struck me on Genevieve’s portfolio is the progression throughout the years as an artist. Looking at her recent work in 2016 there’s been quite a shift in some of her working methods, but looking back it’s obvious to see how everything is connected. She has really honed in on what type of imagery she wants to create. So when I saw her abstract artworks that mixed in the silhouette of a vase, it was intriguing to think what they represented.

This series is from her latest collection titled ‘Idol Weight’, which are all inspired by the digital age. The concept of this series was to show the two-dimensional alongside the physical, tactile world. Genevieve has included these vases as historic objects, which is set to juxtapose the flatness of abstraction and efficient detail that we now see in modern technology. I think it’s a great series and I hope she builds on it in the future, I can really picture many other fantastic artworks made in a similar vein. Enjoy.