Illustrated Looks From Andrew Archer

Residing in Auckland, New Zealand Illustrator since 2007 Andrew Archer brings us this collection of selected workings which he has accumulated over the past couple of years. He’s quite opening to admitting that in his very early years he wasn’t much of an art enthusiast and his own connections to art where the fact he kept eating crayon’s, he suggests that this may be the key factor that results in his off-beat colour palettes. Before 2007 Andrew worked in design where he quickly learned that the vast majority of design work is actually illustration resulting in him making the career transition. Practicing both traditional and digital techniques combined with his own unique style has meant that Andrew has been able to entertain an impressive client list boasting the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, Audi and Vogue. To view more workings from Andrew Archer head over to his personal page via the link at the foot of the post.

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