Illustration From Adam Hancher

Based out of Bristol, English Illustrator Adam Hancer has been producing an impressive array of work after graduating from university and walking out into the big wide world of freelancing. I seem to be enjoying illustrations a lot at the minute with this being the second illustrator that we’ve featured in recent times.

Adam has been known to work on a variety of projects since going it alone which has included the likes of animation, editorial work and poster design. With an eye for pastel tones Adam’s work holds this distinctive ageing look which I think helps him form an original aesthetic.

Mr Hancher clearly draws a fair amount of inspiration and influence from more of a vintage pool of work, with the faded edges and soft colour palette giving his work bundles of charm and most importantly character. He’s slowly beginning to build up a positive repuations for himself which is refreshing to see, with clients including Wired and GQ magazine.

Look out for more of his work in the near future, and be sure to head over and browse his page if you enjoy what we have on show here.