Illustration From Diego Patino

I was browsing though the site of the Jacky Winter Group and stumbled across the workings of artist and illustrator Diego Patino who just provides some visuals that really stand out in a mix of fantastic creatives. I think part of the reasoning for this is the bold colourings that Diego uses in some of his pieces, the artworks that we see below us are obviously influenced a little by some sorts of comic book or cartoon. I tried to research a little into the finer details about Diego Patino but he doesn’t seem to give much away, if you head over to his Jacky Winter profile however you will defiantly agree he has a sense of humour to go along with his undoubted skill for creating eye pleasing workings. All we can tell is that Diego is represented by Australian collective Jacky Winter and his artworks stand for themselves sometimes explanation isnt’ needed. Named for the adorable native Australian robin, The Jacky Winter Group is an independent Australian creative agency created in 2007. Having worked with the very best contemporary Australian commercial artists, The company connects them with a broad range of clients both locally and abroad. For more work from both company and artist head over to the Jw site which is linked below.

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