Imagery By Joel Tjintjelaar

Dutch photographer Joel Tjinjelaar consistently produces looks simular to the ones we see here which are mysterious stark and surreal, his flickr account is in fact littered with this style of work. He says he loves black and white photography because “with the removal of color the essence of objects, situations, sceneries and people can become more visible”. His workings are hardly created to document his actual surroundings, I see them more of amalgamations with Joel’s imagination to see beauty that isn’t there, transferring his work into black and white with long exposures let him capture what he wants to see. Joel elaborates on this stating ” I believe in the artistic result and in the visualization of the artist of how he/she sees the world. A camera is just a piece of hardware with no mind, no soul, no artisticity, just an object that records a situation, unbiased and emotionless. I’m not interested in the vision of a piece of hardware, I’m only interested in the vision of the artist with a mind and soul, who will alter the image to his reality”. Joel Tjintjelaar explains it better than most, its about having a vision of something different, something new that isn’t like what you see from every other person who picks up a camera. I find his work and reading his thoughts of his page very refreshing and inspiring, if you do too head over to his personal web space via the link bellow.

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