Imagery By Tyler Axtell

Young Georgia based creative Tyler Axtell caught my eye with this project consisting of graphical inspired imagery in a collection of six. I’ve only ever seen one other project from Tyler before so was really impressed with his eye for this sliced up style that has been created in the post processing stage. Using a series of different shapes and coloured lines Tyler was able to create a set of really eye pleasing compositions, the subtle tones of each photograph make this project for me.

They act as a base for Tyler to experiment with, I think had the imagery not been as strong then that would have dragged the standard of the whole project down dramatically, however being so captivating they make the whole piece work so well. Im hoping we are going to see some stunning autumn pieces coming into the format over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. For now make sure to follow Tyler Axtell over on the Behance Network.

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