Imagery From Camil Tulcan

Multidisplined artist Camil Tulcan is based in Bordeaux, France where he dedicates himself to three separate fields of work which are Directing, Motion Graphics and last but not least photography. Were most interested in the latter today of course, if you hadn’t guessed already Camil brings us a series of imagery taken in black and white format. These pieces we have before us are really striking and stand alone with the majority looking like they have been pulled from a film, or hold the quality to be at home in that realm. I think its Camil’s perception to capture a moment that holds him in such good stead as a photographer, he just seems to find striped down beautiful locations that are tied with in entertaining subjects that lead to a high standard of what I would describe as fine art photography. If you like what you see above and bellow Camil Tulcan’s Flickr page is linked bellow, head that way for more of the same.

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