Imagery From Iban Ramon

How i’ve not managed to come across work from Iban Ramon before is beyond me, but his work is here now
for us all to admire. Honestly I was torn when selecting what imagery to bring across from Iban as he has such a diverse skill set, every page of his vast portfolio is filled with stunning, precise compositions all with eye pleasing tones. In the end you can see I rounded up a selection of landscapes which include lone distant figures which add a little character and wit to Iban’s surroundings, and come with bags of charm.

It’s photo series like these ones that remind us that we are so insignificant when compared to the might of the earth, Iban provokes some interesting thoughts through his photography. I’m not sure if this is deliberate or not, but it makes for great viewing nevertheless. i’d defiantly recommend heading in the direction of Iban Ramon’s personal site, his imagery is pretty inspiring and his portraits are well worth a view if you haven’t seen them before.