Imagery Set By Katarina Smuraga

I’ve brought across some work from Belarus born photographer Katarina Smuraga as I was pretty refreshed not only by the visual construction of her workings, but also her attitude to having her work shared online. It’s nice when creatives voice their desire to be promoted, as a writer it gives you the satisfaction that the time you spend piecing things together is appreciated.

Don’t get me wrong though I don’t need a thanks when presented with visuals like we have here, pushing content like this is all the motivation one needs. I just find it all the more satisfying when you know your giving as much enjoyment to the creative your sharing, as you get from finding them and pushing their work.

Katarina is great believer in natural light which really does pay dividends in the overall look of her work, everything looks so life-like adding a great depth to her imagery. Another added benefit with this is that everything looks a lot less staged and holds more of a genuine feel in my opinion, You can believe in what’s here visually which is a great quality to have. To see more from Katarina head towards her Flickr profile.