In the Outlines of Nature – Graphical Paintings by American Artist Kim Knoll

I enjoy all types of graphical experimentation, whether it be through painting or print making. I remember when I was younger I liked to use silkscreening as a way of expressing myself on clothing and paper, so when I see works such as these by American artist Kim Knoll it brings back a nostalgia of sorts and makes me intrigued enough to share it here with you all.

Kim Knoll currently lives in Chicago and works alongside her husband at Knoed, a Chicago-based graphic design studio headed by the pair. Kim has always appreciated a minimal and modern aesthetic and it’s obvious to see that her graphic design background has translated over to her paintings placed above and below. Since her works have a kind of calm and stillness it didn’t surprise me to read that she feels most at peace when exploring the great outdoors. Using ideas that she has seen in nature, later simplifying and stripping down the basic outlines and conveying these on paper.

At the moment she’s using a mixture of watercolour paints with India ink and paint markers. I really like the way the paints blend together and how she stacks the tones on top of one another. Overall a great series that would look really nice on the wall of any home. If you’re interested in purchasing these prints please head on over to her portfolio on the link below, you’re sure to be inspired by these fantastic works of art.