Inspired by Paper Collage – Abstract Paintings by Stephen Ormandy


Over the past few months I’ve been using a number of different mediums to translate abstract sketches in to art works of a bigger scale. I found myself reaching for chalk, paint, even pastels, but I also turned to coloured paper, cutting out similar shapes to those that were drawn and placing them beside one another. I didn’t link this to any artist at the time, but it’s great to find other creatives who’re using a very similar technique to create aesthetically appealing art.

One of those is Australian artist Stephen Ormandy, who experiments with coloured paper cuttings to make ‘scale-models’ that represent his larger canvases in oil. He says doing it this way means that he can cut paper spontaneously and quickly, taking pictures of his finished pieces and translating them to a larger dimension. Working with purely solid colour he’s able to achieve soft organic shapes that bounce off one another, showing a playful and vibrant side to abstract art.

Recently Stephen’s also incorporated sculpture in to some of his exhibits, which for me adds a totally different dimension to his work. Particularly because he’s been able to use the idea of ‘collage’ and has created resin sections that can be joined and worked in to a number of different combinations. Here’s a selection of his paintings above and below, I recommend visiting his portfolio to see more.