Japan Society: A History of Support

Naturally given the recent sequence of events the world has been rushing to the aid of Japan, and I’m sure many of you will agree this humanitarian concern is both refreshing and inspiring to see. The internet seems to be littered with creatives crafting new projects which hold raising money for Japan as the driving force behind what is being created, but what of those with a history of supporting this very same cause.

In any disaster situation I think longevity is always the key to solving the issue, and I wanted to highlight the remarkable story of Japan Society who have been working wonders since establishing in 1907. The non profit organisation was formed to create a mutual understanding between America and the United States, and still runs to this day.

In this short film Director of Japan Society, Joe Earle, discusses previous disasters, postwar Japanese art, and JS’s history of support in a pretty captivating short piece by all accounts. It’s nice to hear positive and progressive relations between countries for a change, to get involved and support Japan follow the links below.