Jerry’s Map By Gregory Whitmore

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths people take to fulfill an idea they have, in recent times I was taken back by Rick Mereki and his Eat, Learn and Move series and today I’d like to introduce you to an interesting if not rather eccentric character called Jerry. With copious amounts of spare time on his hands Jerry has developed this separate world which he hand paints on a considerable sized map he has built up over the years.

Using a set of customized playing cards Jerry has developed the project into a game where he leaves what he creates down to chance, letting the cards decide what is added or taken away on the map. It was inspiring to see the effort that Jerry puts into maintaining the map, even producing an archive where all the original pieces are stockpiled.

Granted the extent Jerry has gone to creating this map could be seen as a little out there, but viewing his creation you can’t deny his passion and skill set. In a way it’s quite nice to see someone develop something they’re so into, it’s evident he gets a great amount of pleasure from evolving his map.