Just The Same But Brand New By Alex Catanese

I really enjoyed this short piece from Ohio based creative Alex Catanese, his minimal approach and simple aesthetic drew me in with his choice of clean, functional typography sealing the deal. Alex introduces the concept to us in a few lines “No matter how many times I go, there is always something new in the valley”.

Quite a quaint little explanation, and one that personally I can relate to particularly well when out exploring the local nature reserve with my trusty film camera. Each day the lighting is always just a little different from the last, meaning you notice tiny little details which never seemed to be there before.

I felt Alex did a really great job of the edit on this piece, getting quite creative with a choppy type montage which flowed in perfect parallel with the backing track from the St. Vincent’s. He’s really harnessed his surroundings to create something original and captivating, it’s always enjoyable for me to see the great outdoors promoted in such a inspiring way.



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