La Marche Animation By Simon Rouby

I found this Erie little visual works that was created by Simon Rouby creating a fair bit of noise over at Vimeo and thought id bring it across before too many people jumped on it. This is such a surreal creation by Simon we get a lone character and get to see what I perceive as his thoughts developing and changing as he completes his journey in this short piece, its very imaginative, progressive and most importantly original. Theres quite an aggressive feel created from the audio, resistance against the viewer it could be read as if they have been placed in a space watching something they shouldn’t be, as if in another world. Im actually pretty fond of this so I recommend heading over to Simon’s personal blog which is linked bellow and browsing through his past and present workings.

“La Marche”

Written by Simon Rouby & Séverine Lathuillière
Directed by Simon Rouby
Animation: Christophe Pinto, Simon Rouby, SPÉ
Ferrofluids: TEURK
Music by Pablo Pico
3D Modeling, Animation, Render: Thierry Marchand
Live Shots: Thomas Hardouin

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