Lanscapes By Jon-Paul Mountford

I saw these collection of landscape images from Jon-Paul Mountford and instantly wanted to leave the office, grab my camera and go capture. I was so inspired by what was in front of me, I don’t think Mark would have appreciated running the site alone today however so I stayed, but these are so stunning and picture perfect its unbelievable. One thing that really stands out to me here is the way that Jon has captured the water in some of these images we see a smooth, lifeless texture that is unlike what many of us would imagine the sea to be. This however is something of a masterstroke in my eyes as it leads the viewer into seeing the image as a complete entity, the texture of the water naturally demands attention and would have become the focal point of the image. Its little details like these that are the difference between good photographers and great photographers, I think we can all relate and agree with the reasons behind why this London based photographer is winning awards and demanding attention right now.

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