Lines and Colour Patches – Paintings by American Artist Ethan Cook

Abstract art is great because it has the ability to inspire us and make us curious about the things around us, which in turn can give us the potential for us ourselves to make something unique. Abstract by definition is usually thought of as being random and fairly hard to decipher, but what interests me especially is when an artist creates restraint in the world of abstraction. Ethan Cook is one of these artists, a talented creative who lives and works in New York.

Ethan Cook tends to use stretched hand woven canvas in segments which are then placed strategically in the frame. The lines aren’t straight and tend to droop slightly, partly due to the process of tightening, but also a theme the artist has conveyed in other series of artworks throughout his career. It gives them a slight quirkiness and draws your eye to the textures on the surface of the cotton.

This concept of having to look closely at an artwork and really study it is very appealing to me. It’s about recognising the beauty in the details and having an appreciation for things that are often hidden or already in front of your eyes but you have yet to notice. Hopefully you can also see the intrigue in these works and will go on to research a little of the background behind Ethan’s art, I will be keeping an eye out for future work from him.

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