Living As Form: Socially Engaged Art from the Last 20 Years

Living as Form investigates innovational art projects which ignite the imagination of others and explore ideas that shape our society for the better. Hosting an exhibition at the historic Essex street market in New York which begins on the 24th of this month, Creative Time pay homage to the public movements that have been dedicated to acting on social need.

Obviouly this is quite a relevant topic not just here in England but the world over as we transcend through a period of leadership which far too often remains non transparent to the people it serves. Without getting too heavy on a political front I think this would be a really inspiring event to attend if you are able to get into New York between the 24th of September and the 16th of October.

We get a flavour of what the event has to offer in the short promotional video below, packed full of interesting and insightful quotes this piece is an enjoyable watch even if like me you are unable to attend. The excerpt from Magaret Mead which I’ve placed above really summarises the positive attitude which this exhibition embodies, the idea of everyone working together to build a better society really inspires and excites me, no doubt it will do the same for you too.