Lost Triptich : Chapter Two By Nuno Caroco

Nuno Carocois is a Digital Compositor and Visual Artist who has been working in Portugal for the last seven years plying his trade as a lead Compositor and senior TD for Post Production. He’s passionate about three main things in his life, and these are Cinema, Painting and Photography, today he brings us a short series of photography that he has been working on recently. This series is actually the second project that Nuno has produced under the Lost Triptich title as he got some good responses to the first he decided to extend the collection to a second chapter. These are really cinematic and remind me of old black and white movies, I love how they are really vivid and Erie, I think sometimes you don’t always want to see a crystal clear image, I personally want to see something with imagination and originality. Im sure theses aren’t everyones idea of how photography should be but I think these are pretty captivating and inspiring, very dreamy. If you want to see more from Nuno Caroco you should head over to his webspace via the link found just bellow.

Find more from Nuno Caroco here


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