Lumitectura By Arno Bruderer

Lumitectura image

Created by Arno Bruderer a student of the Institute of Technology in Zürich , Lumitectura is a short visual piece that looks into the relationship between light, music and architecture. Since 2000 Arno has made time free for him to practice his video filming and editing skills so what we see in front of us now is the result of ten years practice. I had a short conversation with Arno and he said to me the work of Oskar Fischinger, who is a german abstract animator, filmmaker and painter was his main influence for this piece. the concept was to find synergies between architecture and light, a brief given by the client, the professorship of Gregor Eichinger who holds the view that architecture is not only building for the needs of people, but also a part of our cultural production. Arno believes that in this way, architects have to be open and attentive for other parts of culture, music, videos and so forth.

Heres what the creator had to say about the piece :

“In some ways, there are big similarities between the work of an architect and the work of an instrument maker. They care about the durability of their object, the design (“firmitas” and “venustas” as Vitruvius would say) and most importantly, both craftsmen have to provide a tool, which has a potential in it, that they eventually cannot influence. What they can do, is to give this tool big abilities to be used. While the instrument maker designs his object mostly in regard of music, which is probably one of the most abstract artforms that exists, architecture is also in strong demand of usabilty (“utilitas”) which is something quite trivial, but not easy to achieve. So in the end, architecture does play its “music” on many different layers, and one of them is light, and that’s what this music video is about’

Music is from the album “Ganglion” by Menton J Matthews III