Merdeka Stadium Nostalgia From Anan Adanan

Malaysian photographer Anan Adanan is a young minded creative photographer who brings us this collection of imagery based around a football stadium where Malaysia celebrated its independence from the british empire. The Young male in this piece revisits the football club where he holds fond memories of his father watching sports with him in his very early days, although the stadium is locked up leading to his frustration at his world not being as it used to be. The young man decides to leave the stadium and not return, fleeing yet not forgetting the significance this place held on his life. Anan’s vision behind this piece was to create a character to document the importance that this location played on not only this lone young Malaysian man, but also the country as well. The message here is that although time moves forward and times change, our history is what develops and shapes us both as individuals and collectively so should never be disregarded or forgotten.

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  • Anan Amri

    Hey thank you very much for sharing my works here. Great write up and nicely elaborated. Thank you again. Really appreciate it.

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