Michael Medrano Experimental Select

I think the best photographers are curious, they’ve experimental and are always looking for an edge and style that sets them apart from whats out there already. Thats why when I came across Michael Medrano’s work I was just glad to find a different look on his halftones, I never think we can always be completely original, but I Michael is getting close to where the line is. Above and below we see such diversity through the selection from the grading to the depth of field each of these images are stand alone, which is perhaps one of the most sought after comments for the modern photographer. Plying his trade as a graphic designer as a first Michael doubles up as someone who can hold his own when it comes to capturing visuals. Working out of New York he states “there are so many facets to Graphic Design, and I will never tire of exploring them all”. He is clearly content within his area, however there is a niggling thought in the back of my mind that he would make a fantastic day to day photographer.