Mieux By Ravi Vora

Ravi Vora is a name that we haven’t come across before but I’m real glad we did today, his fast paced experimental style in this piece is really refreshing to see. Ravi is mixing an already accomplished format and adding his own ideas making it his own. At first I thought he was bringing me something I had seen so many times before (young couples don’t excite me too much) but this is so much more than two visually pleasing individuals walking around an area.

The visuals are at one with the edgy audio and sliced edit, when I read that Ravi wanted to “keep the intensity all the way through like the high emotions you feel when you remember a lost love” i was so inspired. To create something so connected with the idea of human emotion, and execute it in this way makes me sure I’l be looking forward to Ravi’s future pieces.