Mike Crozier Stop Motion For Snask

Most interns are given tedious amounts of paperwork, photocopying and general odd jobs to test if there heart is really in the company they are working for, You couldn’t question Mike Croziers heart however. While working for Stockholm based design collective Snask, Mike took the idea of paperwork and threw it on its head creating this innovative stop motion advertisement for the company shooting 1846 photos, spanning over a four day period. Mike practices primarily in Graphic Design, Illustration and Animation, although has been known to venture out into many other creative fields. He says he would hate to limit himself to just these three disciplines, he also has a fascination with line drawings, vector shapes, and things made from paper. It’s this fascination which was the base platform for this project to take off, and with no special effects or stop-motion software this production is pretty Impressive, not only gaining coverage for the company he was interning for, but himself too. He’s building his own presence over at his site, go check the noise for yourself – Link below.