Minimal Studies of Shape – Abstract Artworks by Scottish Creative Bobby Clark

I think it’s interesting to note how different settings can inspire creatives and how it plays a part on the final outcome of their work. Your exact location can really tweak your outlook on life and this can then translate in to the different concepts you would like to pursue. I personally find that when I’m travelling a lot, even if it’s subliminal, all of these ideas are being processed and later come out in some form or manner.

Scottish artist and photographer Bobby Clark inspired me a lot with her minimal abstract artworks. Growing up in the small river side town of Greenock in Scotland you might imagine her works to be landscapes that are muted and moody, but actually many of her artworks feature different colour palettes with basic geometric shaping. Bobby tends to let the white space play a major part in the placement of shapes, giving the final pieces a nice structure and pleasant aesthetic.

Looking back through some of her earlier works I can see the colours slowly amping up as the years have rolled on, which is interesting to note as she now resides in Melbourne, Australia. Maybe I’m reading too much in to it all, but it could be that some of these tones are finding their way on to the canvas. Either way I think what she’s doing is really great and I urge you to support her. Currently all her works are sold out, but if you keep checking back she will be sure to upload more in the future. For now enjoy a few photos of her works above and below.