Mogwai Music Visuals By Antony Crook

I was captured earlier by the mystery of narrative in this short film created by Antony Crook. His latest work has ample amounts of character, so I have brought it across for all of you to enjoy. The project was born out of the need for some visual promotion of San Pedro, one of eleven tracks featured on the ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will’ album from talented artist Mogwai.

Antony Crook is a name that many of you will perhaps know. For those who haven’t heard, Antony is a Bolton born photographer recognised for his successes in capturing imagery for various menswear labels, along with some impressive frames of celebrity figures.

It seems the creative is slowly branching out into the world of filming, which is a fantastic development to see as Crook is a fellow with a refined imagination, and an eye for crafting simplified yet captivating visuals. I’m sure many of you would agree that Antony’s work is a prime example of less being more, he’s created something quite iconic and memorable here, which does the work of Scottish born band Mogwai no harm whatsoever.

I found this piece quite an enjoyable watch and was fascinated by the hidden identity of the subject featuring throughout, a subtle yet defining touch which really does make the entire piece.


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