Much Ado About Nothing – Mixed Media Artworks by Yewen Dong

Looking for texture, shape, and colour combined? Look no further than the work of talented Chinese artist Yewen Dong. From afar her work seems to reference the different abstract styles popularised in the West. On the other you have the material, a combination of unfired clay, tape, and paint that offers a primitive twist on such playful expression.

Yewen Dong’s study between China, New York, and Chicago have sure to have influenced her style deeply. Looking back through her portfolio the early works are always referencing nature, mimicking natural patterns and translating this through another material.

Her early series called ‘Water is Fragile’ seems like one of her first uses of clay in her artwork. Since then there’s been an interesting performance between wall and material. Part of this is definitely an expression of being ‘off the canvas’ but I also think we have to account for Yewen’s interest in different forms and spaces that create these special performance-like pieces.

I picked out a few images from her series ‘When It’s Place and Time’ and ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. The second title shows Yewen’s fun and playful attitude towards these artworks. Yes, they are serious, but not to the point where it gets in the way of creativity and expression through different materials. Click on through to her website below to see more.