Mystical Nature of Things – Abstract Paintings by Italian Artist Marco Tirelli

Too often we see art as an add on to our lives, treating it as though it’s not something integral to our self expression as human beings. Making marks, especially in natural material, is something that our ancestors did without much thought, it was an instinctive element of what made us human. Maybe then, art is about trying to convey what can’t be logically explained or transmitted through words alone.

Italian artist Marco Tirelli is very unusual since his work has a mystical quality. This could be mistaken as art that has little concept or meaning, but look deeper and you see interesting ways in which he uses art to express something that can’t necessarily be seen but can be felt through a mixture of shape and colour. The muted tones and dark colours give off a sense of being downbeat, but this in turn creates an atmosphere of deepness, this in turn making you peer closer.

With the use of shape and line he can construct ‘potential’ on the canvas that creates a strange parallel between this world and that world. Maybe they are connected? Or separated? Quite difficult to grasp and put your finger on. For me, that’s the whole point of these works. For Marco Tirelli it’s a point of self discovery, something we do as humans at every moment that we live our lives. Rooting through the darkness to look for that light. Maybe this will give us the courage to pursue our own truth through art.