Nirvana By Tetsumasa Saito

Japan based video artist Tetsumasa Saito created this eye pleasing experience titled Nirvana which is very evocative and melodious, crafted to engadge without overpowering its viewer. This is one of the most easy on the eye and relaxing pieces ive found over at Vimeo, and it’s evident this project has been crafted with deep thought into the viewer experience and interaction. Tetsumasa says of his visual work that it has developed “into an extension of my life, and has equally been born, raised, and reflects my everyday”, he works with what he calls ” delicate, subtle things like air, space and time” and aims to ” leave an impression in the senses of others”. With so much thought derived into the interaction of the viewer Its clear here that Tetsumasa is crafting content that isn’t just created to look outstanding, but to mean something and question in each mind that views each piece he designs. Its refreshing to find creatives this engaged with their workings, hopefully we will see some more of Tetsumasa Saito in the future, but for more look now use the link to his personal page below.

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