Nocturnos From Victoria Minana

Spanish creative mind Victoria Minana brings us this collection of experimental imagery which is titled Nocturnos and is shot entirely in the dark of night. We are presented with such a contrast of darkness and light here with the key aspects of each scene Victoria wanted to highlight being cast as the forefront of each image. The unusual objects add a nice touch here with the bathtubs and picture frame tie in a surreal feel to the collection, its amazing how much of photography is about lighting and we see here some wonderful results of getting the right overall balance of light. Based in Madrid Victoria owns a studio where she bases her work from taking her experiences from the past ten years to create conceptual photography that is good on eye and engaging towards the mind. To view more workings from Victoria Minana follow the link to her personal page which is linked below.

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  • chelsea martens

    That is quite an interesting concept. I like it but i’m not sure about the execution. Some of the bright lights are distracting and draw your eye to areas where there is no focus. However, the concept is really cool!

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