O By Michal Kulczynski

Here we have another small collection of images this time from London situated photographer Michal Kulczski. Working independently Michal does business as Dream Station where he puts his hand not only to photography, but aspects of design also. He has previously designed printed works, Brand Identity and website design too. This collection is part of a whole series amusingly titled with just the single letter O, shot entirely using a very wide angle lens, some may call a fish eye. I love the look and perspective the wider lens gives, it provides us with a different view from the human eye, it creates a total new idea of what we recognised a place or object as. I always remember having a lot of fun with one of these on my very first camera, I think Il have to go out and purchase a wider lens for my latest setup. I have to say when looking through Michal Kulczynski’s site I was quite impressed with the range landscapes that he had to offer, some real high quality images up for viewing, particularly of London and Paris. Go over and have a check if you’ve got a minute – Link below

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