One Day There Will Be A Place For Us By Tokyo22

Tokyo22 bring us a collection of imagery from Gilles et Dada which is for their new site project and site open for nostylebutgoodsence, as always with this group of creatives we get a bold and outstandish set of photography which is diverse and original. The clean two tone images we get here make up in detail and depth what they doesn’t hold in terms of colour, its not surprising these guys have created another striking and precise series here though, we seen it happen consistently in the past. I recommend heading over to the Tokyo22 webpage where you can get access to both their new store over there and lots more stunning imagery too. Find the link for this just bellow.

Models : Juha / WSWC /// Pirita / Paparazzi model management
Make-up : Satu Huikko / WSWC /// Jasmin Mishima / GD
Styling : Jasmin Mishima / GD
Photography and post production : Federico Cabrera / GD

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