Opposites Attract – A Study of Blue and Red by Haruka Aramaki

Blue and red. They are two primary, powerful colors. When used together, they provide a bold distinction that results in a stunning effect.

The combination is one that inspired designer Haruka Aramaki in her latest graphic artwork creation.

Aramaki featured her designs on small wood panels which makes for a stark background against the bold colors which appear 3D in nature.

The pieces Aramaki has created include the following:

Circle and Depth

These are two complementary wood panels featuring cone shapes with alternating blue, red and wood tones. The way the colors are presented provides an optical illusion that makes it appear as if each cone is positioned in an opposite direction.


Normally used as a percussive instrument, Aramaki chose to incorporate castanets into this piece of art. She painted one side blue and one side red to produce an interesting contrast and put it against a wood board for a wood on wood effect.

Colored Pencils

For this piece, Aramaki created the image of a two-sided pencil with one side red and one side blue. She divided the pencil over three separate diagonally placed oval wood panels making the piece worthy of a second glance.

When asked about the inspiration for the collection, Aramaki says it is an attempt to explore the connection between planes and solids, the meaning and the meaningless. This is apparent in how the flatness of the wood complements the 3D effect the color combination creates.

She further remarks that her attitude towards the colors is neutral and that she feels they represent an antonym to one another. Despite her neutral stance, she has clearly created a collection that is awe inspiring and unique.

The pieces Aramaki has designed have a distinctly modern feel that establishes them as stand out artwork characteristic of today’s pop art movement. The graphics are stunning, and the creations are open to the collector’s interpretation allowing for imaginations to run wild. When added to a collection, Aramaki’s Blue and Red designs are sure to take center stage.