Over In Love – Abstract Paintings by Australian Artist Caroline Walls

I think most people need to have limitations or a set of perimeters that they can work within, by putting these terms in place it can often lead to some really creative work, and most importantly the ability to span this concept over a series. One pitfall could be that it’s easy to get boxed in to one particular media or style, which can lead to a sticky situation where you’re a little stifled creatively and find it hard to break free from the shackles, so to speak. I admired the work of Caroline Walls for this reason, an artist who works across a number of different mediums.

Caroline is an Australian artist and she’s been able to experiment with painting, drawing, soft sculpture and print-making. The series that grabbed my attention is her latest body of work titled ‘Over in Love’, a continuation of her study in to the female form. With her goal being able to condense the imagery down to the most essential, making bold and simplified works of art.

That’s what really appeals to me about this series. People often assume that contemporary or abstract art has no skill or technique behind it, but many of these colours were picked specifically to address the theme, as well as the curvature of the forms relating to the human body. A nice series and I recommend you head on over to Caroline’s portfolio to view more like this. Enjoy.


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