Paintings From Billie Bailey

Granted we only have a very small series of four paintings from Billie Bailey here, but I was caught out on these by the vivid, dreamy style of these that I had to bring them across and share them to you all. These were created by hand without the use of a mouse or tablet pen, its great to see stunning results still being crafted through paint and canvas, Im not knocking digital creation but I think I will always hold a stronger respect for those who create in the way Billie does. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark Billie spends her spare time creating artwork like these above and bellow, you can see from the skill of it that this is something she is both passionate and dedicated to. Billie is building a small portfolio up over at Behance that is defiantly worth a watch in the near future, head over there via the link bellow and be sure to follow her progress.

Find more work from Billie Bailey here