Parallel Parking by Yum Yum London

I usually restrict what we put up, depending on the views and how much it’s been showcased. We don’t want to present work that’s too mainstream or that’s had enough promotion already. What’s the point, i’m positive you don’t want the same things plastered all over the web.

But this work posted 7 days ago by Yum Yum called Parallel Parking really did brighten up my morning, so i had to present it to all you (hoping it will have the same effect). I had a quick glance at the viewing stats at the bottom of the page, and it’s already hit 222k, which is quite a lot. Created by Beth Algieri and Jonny Plummer, these guys have directed this short animation thats only about 38 seconds long, finishing with a funny (or sad) ending. Depends how you take it really. Watch it below.

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