Photography Looks From Garmonique

Residing in the capital of Russia creative photographer Garmonique holds a mysterious and secret account of himself both online and in printed publication. There isn’t too much documented about the photographer and his lifestyle which is a break in an age where everyone is expressing their identifies on social networking and such other sites. Im an avid fan of his style of photography too his series contain a stark and errie feel throughout the majority that you don’t tend to find very frequently elsewhere. The lack of human existence not only helps in this department but it also emphasises the importance that Garmonique plays on surroundings and location as a subject. Apposed to being used as a canvas to base a scene upon these locations become the artwork themselves, and with such particular and captivating compositions created the viewer doesn’t lose character or excitement from the imagery they see before their eyes. To see more photographic workings from Garmonique follow the link found bellow.

View more workings from Garmonique here