Photography Set From Levi Macdonald

Based in Glasgow, Levi Macdonald is a photographer that is consistently creating vintage style sets of imagery which is heightened by the use of capturing stills in analog format. Her collection of cameras totals at eight, with various different format cameras, including 35mm, Polaroid’s and a fish eye.

The set I’ve brought across from flickr above and below were created by Levi for some friends who wanted imagery to commemorate their friendship, as one of them is recently planning to move to Manchester. No personal webspace at the moment, but i’ll place the link to Levi’s flickr below for more views of her works.

Find more photographic works from Levi Macdonald here –

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  • Levi Macdonald

    Just happened across this through some link on facebook! Thank you so much for featuring my work!

    Fondest wishes!

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