Poster Series From Randy Cole

Houston based designer Randy Cole brings us this set of advertising prints which hold a vintage styling to them throughout, we see four separate looks here each using glamour in the form of women to advertise Thailand export Red Bull. Im not a fan of commercial pieces so this project is a rare inclusion into our format, but with the creativity overpowering the branding here, I think I can be forgiven somewhat. The styling here carries the whole piece through and the adverts are very subtle but noticeably engaging, The coloration and softer tones of the illustration are uplifting and easy to view. These pieces are more about the scene created by Randy Cole than Red Bull as a brand themselves, something that gives these pieces character and a like-ability. Working as a freelancer currently Cole has little online presence, but hopefully we will see more from Randy in the future, more views can be found over at behance network.

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