Prayers for Peace From Dustin Grella

Animator Dustin Grella presents us with a short visual working that is both powerful and humbling, as it was created in memory of his recently past brother who served time as a solider in Iraq. As the short painted animation develops in front of our eyes Dustin narrates the entire piece explaining his thoughts, feelings and memories of his younger brother. One section of the piece I thought was most captivating was the part where Dustin explains how the memory of his brother never coincided with his service as a solider, and this to me is a very powerful point. We live in a world where wars exists, where people pass and they are reported on our news as a number, and not fathers, Sons and brothers. I think we need more visual workings like this to remind us that the conflicts our governments get involved with mean the loss of lives of real people, statistics are irrelevant. Granted this piece was created many months ago but with only a couple of hundred views I really felt that it deserved to be seen by a wider audience. Id like to take this opportunity to thank Dustin Grella for creating this captivating and inspiring piece of work, if you would like to see more work from Dustin head over to his personal page via the link bellow.

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