Precision & Simplicity – Paper Sculptures by Artist David Umemoto

Origami is the art of folding paper. The designs made can be simple or complex in nature. Creative David Umemoto takes origami to the next level by forming unique shapes and structures that are so detailed, one can only be amazed by the intricacy.

Umemoto’s architectural background comes through in everything he creates. After years of school and professional experience, he grew bored of tedious design projects and branched out to become an artist, but he never stopped thinking in 3-D.

Most of his works are made from cement, so paper is a diversion for him, but all of his artwork is a combination of precision and simplicity with abstract themes.

Several of Umemoto’s paperworks are structural in nature and ‘no. 10’ is no exception. This looks like a detached cornerstone of a building but, if you look inside, you will see a ‘floating window’ and other shapes that give the interior depth. The sky-blue colour adds interest without detracting from the design.

Umemoto’s paper designs show the possibilities of such a simple material, all that matters is the way in which you approach it the ideas you have in your mind. How will you look to inspire with those simple materials found close by?