Quebec City Timelapse From Dominic

It feels like an age since ive watched a real fantastic time lapse piece that just made me sit back and admire the world go by, so i was pretty smitten when I found this great visual works from Dominic over at Vimeo. Shot in and around Dominic’s hometown of Quebec city from January to April he compiled these selected shots creating a relaxing and calming experience for the viewer. We see some real fantastic photography throughout this piece particularly the star secquence closer to the end. One reason these catch my eye so much I think is all the little details and movement in the sky that we never seem to see with the naked eye, its only when its caught on film that we realise how fast the world is going round. I had a scan of the net to get more infomation on Dominic but couldn’t find too much so for more views from Dominic head over to his profile and see what he has to offer, find this linked below.

Find more work from Dominic here